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In seeking a tarot card reading, too often the seeker does not understand the importance of the question as it relates to the answer. In fact, the question is the pivotal key. When consulting an oracle, any oracular tool, the seeker must focus the will, and therefore focus the question.  Ask an ambiguous question, and you will receive an ambiguous answer. As an example, the seeker may ask the tarot reader a question such as, "Tell me what is in my future." That is a very broad, very open question. And it usually leads to a very broad and very vague answer that can become more and more confusing as each card is laid out. If the seeker is twenty years old, there are countless events and occurrences that lay ahead of them, which is in the future they are inquiring about. So many upcoming events can make for a confusing reading. It is far more practical for the seeker to determine what their most important goals are and what they need to know to advance these goals.

Another inappropriate question would be, "Who will I marry and when?" Presumably, if the seeker is female, any person on the street could answer, "You will marry a man, and you will get married when you are ready to do so.."A deck of cards is not going to pop a name out of the ether, nor will it offer you a concrete date. This is a question of the mundane, and in my years of experience, Spirit ignores questions of the mundane. Spirit might even go so far as to point out your worst faults. Who you are going to marry does not advance you spiritually. In fact, posing such a question shows that the seeker is yet a babe-in-the-woods spiritually. So, the tarot might give you the energy surrounding your question, which may be that you need to spend some time advancing yourself spiritually, rather than telling you who you will marry and when. Think it doesn't happen? Oh, but it does. Often.

The seeker must understand that the seeker's own soul, as well as the seeker's Spirit Guides, are always on point to encourage the seeker in their spiritual development. The truth can be harsh. Sometimes a tarot reading offers the seeker some aspect of themselves that they do not want to hear. A tarot reading can turn to disappointment very quickly if the reader does not explain the truth of the spiritual path, the soul's journey, and what the oracular experience is really all about.

One of the most common challenges that tarot readers and psychics face is the seeker who wants the "hoped for answer." This means that a seeker may go to several different readers trying to get the outcome they desire, rather than accepting the truth. Seekers can even get quite angry at tarot readers and psychics who will not give them the answer they want to hear. They may call the psychic a fraud or say that the psychic is no good. An authentic psychic or tarot reader will only give the seeker what they truly see. Only scam artists will tell the Seeker what they want to hear, rather than the true answer. Scam artists are very good at telling people what they want to hear. This is a career for them. A psychic is going to tell you what they see in the spiritual, because a psychic wants to help. In my opinion, it is a waste of time for any seeker to consult a psychic or tarot reader trying to get only what they want to hear. 

To further clarify this scenario, here is an example of what I mean. Jerry is in love with his girlfriend, but he doesn't feel like she reciprocates these emotions. He may go to a tarot reader, hoping the tarot reader will tell him that his girlfriend does love him. If the tarot reader tells him that his girlfriend is not fully committed to him, he may get angry. He may then go to another tarot reader, and another, until he finds one that tells him what he wants to hear. This is not constructive for Jerry, and this practice does not help him at all. In fact, it harms him. When his girlfriend dumps him for another man, Jerry may determine that the last tarot reader lied to him, therefore all tarot readers are frauds. He will forget that three psychics prior tried to warn him of this event, but he didn't listen.

To conclude this article, I will offer some examples of better ways to pose questions that will give the seeker more insight and help them make better choices in their life.

Kathy is having trouble at her workplace. She feels that she is always being passed over for advancements, but she doesn't know why. She decides to seek the tarot for help. 

Some examples of excellent questions are:

"What do I need to know about this situation at this time?"

"Show me the energy surrounding this situation?"

Or, "Show me the energy blockages surrounding this situation?"

With such an excellent question posed, the tarot spread may actually show Kathy that she is blocking herself, or it may show her that she has tough competition, and that she needs to present her ideas with much more confidence than she has in the past.

Another example. Sandra is afraid that she and her husband are drifting apart. They've been fighting a lot lately, and they just don't feel as close to one another as they once were.  She might approach the tarot with one of the following questions.

"Show me the energy surrounding this situation?"

"What can I do to reconnect with my husband?"

"What is the emotional state of my husband at this time?"

In the latter question, the 10 of Wands may appear followed by the Six of Swords. This could indicate that Sandra's husband feels overworked and that he is carrying too many burdens. Perhaps it is time for Sandra to plan a vacation for the two of them, so her husband can relax for awhile and they can reconnect in a less stressful environment.

I hope these examples have been helpful. Remember, the Seeker is never passive in the reading. The Seeker is a participant. Go in with good energy and ask a good question. Good luck and enjoy the path.

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Asking the Tarot an Appropriate Question

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This article was published on 2010/04/03